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Alpha Welding and Boat Repair, Dutch Harbor, AlaskaWhen leaders of some of the world's most demanding industries, need welders, metals repair, pipe fitting, boat repair, machining, precision water cutting, or metals fabrication in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, they call us first. That's because, for over two decades, Alpha Welding & Boat Repair, Inc., has gained the reputation among industry leaders, as the premier provider of these services in America's number-one fishing port.

Founded in 1990 and incorporated in 2000, Alpha Welding & Boat Repair has established a reputation for dependability and a high level of excellence in providing service to a wide range of customers in the fishing, maritime, construction, oil exploration and marine transportation industries.

Our long-time customer list includes more than 60 local and international fishing companies (we service some of the largest, and busiest fishing vessels in the world), as well as major international and local corporations.

We are prepared for any job, 24/7.

Any Job

Alpha Welding has a 10,000 square foot facility located in Unalaska Valley and can provide all necessary labor, equipment and materials for practically any level of metal repair, fabrication, pipe fitting, and welding job. Depending on the scope and requirements of the job, the work can be done either in our facility, on a construction site, at dockside, or on board a vessel. Alpha can also fabricate UHMW items and exhaust lagging per customer specification.

Qualified and Certified

Each member of our crew is highly experienced and fully certified in all areas relating to metals fabrication and repair, with certifications including AWS D 1.1, and ASME B 2.1. Pressure Vessel Pipe Certifications. In addition to all other areas of metals fabrication and repair, we are highly experienced in the repair and complete fabrication of the following systems:

Pressure Piping
Salt Water
Fuel Pipe
Low and High Pressure Hydraulic

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The Alpha Welding shop facility has an extensive state of-the-art equipment list, including a 225-ton Brake Press with a 10-foot bed, 250-ton Hydraulic Press, a plate rolling machine (up to 1/2-inch plate), a shearing machine (12-foot length, 1/2-inch plate capacity), a CNC computerized waterjet cutting machine, and sandblasting equipment.

Full-Service Machine Shop

Our full-service Machine Shop has an equipment inventory which includes the following:

Lathe with 16-foot bed and 52-inch throw
Tracer Lathe
for machining hauling block sheaves
Sharper machine
with 9-ft bed
Milling machine
Blade sharpening machines
and processing equipment

Extensive Materials Inventory

Alpha Welding carries an extensive materials inventory, which includes plate, pipe, angle iron, channel, round stock, tubing and fittings of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper-nickel; a wide range of valves; UHMW plate, sprockets and bearings; brass round stock, bronze billets, delrin, blowers, and Lagging/fire prevention.

Our Expertise

  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Pipe (all types)
  • Metals Fabrication
  • Shear-Brake-Roll
  • Stainless Steel Factory Equipment Fabrication & Repair
  • CNC Waterjet Cutting
  • UHMW Items
  • Exhaust Lagging
  • AWS D 1.1, ASME B 2.1, API, ARC, TIG, MIG
  • INSURANCE NOTE: Alpha Welding & Boat Repair, inc., carries $2 million in
    liability insurance and complies with all federal, state and city regulations regarding insurance coverage.

Why Alpha Welding & Boat Repair?

Outside the box.

No project is too large, specialized, or too complex to be outside our experience and creative approach. We’re ready to drive innovation, handle high priority projects, or fill critical skill gaps in your current crew.

Smart Partnerships.

To add value as a member of your team, we always look beyond simply what we can do ourselves. Over the years, we have forged strategic partnerships with other firms that provide niche services, instantly allowing us to offer the ‘all-in-one’ solution our customers desire.

Knowledge is power.

We continuously monitor trends and stay informed about new equipment, emerging technologies, inventions, environmental and regulatory issues – anything that can augment our knowledge and be passed on as added value to our customers.

We're Highly-Skilled, Capable, Dependable.

When it comes to making critical repair and fabrication decisions, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've placed your project in the most capable hands. Alpha Welding and Boat Repair has proven, for over 20 years, to be the smart choice in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, whenever metals fabrication, metals repair, or welding are required.

Call us first.

When you call, you'll know within the first two minutes of speaking with us, why the leaders in some of the world's most demanding industries, place their trust in our extensive knowledge, unmatched experience, and rock-solid dependability. Call today and tell us how we can help you. We'll give you the special attention you require. We'll work with you to make sure you know all your options. We'll bring you results that meet your special requirements, and go beyond your expectations.

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